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We are delighted to announce the 2024 edition of the Indus Valley Annual Report!

You can download the report from the link below.

The Indus Valley Report

At Blume Ventures, "Indus Valley" is our moniker for the Indian startup ecosystem or the Indian Silicon Valley.
The Indus Valley Report, a yearly reflection, examines and dissects the growth of the Indian economy and India's flourishing startup scene. Through 150+ insightful and provocative charts, the report identifies key themes, patterns and trends shaping the Indian startup and venture ecosystem.

In the inaugural 2022 edition of the report, we explored the emergence of Indus Valley and India's transition into a startup powerhouse. The subsequent edition delved deeper into Indus Valley's soft power and the intricate layers of the ecosystem. Now, in our third edition, we dissect the varied narratives shaping India, analyze the performance of Indian markets, both private and public, and offer insights into India's ascent to becoming a global super power.

I look forward to the Blume Ventures Indus Valley report each year. This year's report threw up some incredible insights as well.

Mangalam Maloo, CNBC TV18

Media Coverage of the Indus Valley Report

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About Blume Ventures

Blume is an early stage venture fund that backs startups with both funding as well as active mentoring. We typically invest in tech-led startups, led by founders who are obsessed with solving hard problems, uniquely Indian in nature, and impacting large markets. Our vision is to be the leading platform that sources, funds, nurtures and creates value for India's brightest young startups – helping them 'blume'​!

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